From Object Controller to transnational digitalisation of the railway infrastructure.
How EULYNX can accelerate your efforts

Infrastructure managers face the problem of old legacy, relay-based interlocking and they would like to migrate to digital ERTMS-based systems.
Current systems are expensive, and they are not standardized. The question is: How to migrate from legacy interlocking to digital field elements with an EULYNX adapter? Pilz has signed an innovation partnership with ProRail, tackling this problem. See the video of how ProRail and Pilz speed up migration to ERTMS.

The benefits of the EULYNX adapter together with our object controller.

  • Manageable migration to ERTMS
  • 100% fallback scenario
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Field assets 50% faster thanks to standardization
  • Central Safety System implemented independently of EULYNX track assets
  • Increased comfort for travelers